Industrial Style

Reclaimed Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island–a Modern Masterpiece

What do you do with a stack of old factory carts?

Well…you turn that top one there, into an amazing kitchen island!

The wood is all original that we cleaned, sanded, and applied a few coats of spar urethane in a satin finish.

Next came the legs. These are custom made from square steel tubing…really heavy duty steel sourced locally. I mean, they have to be heavy duty because the top of the island is a custom welded steel angle iron frame with a solid piece of reclaimed slate from an old schoolhouse!

Did we say slate? In a kitchen? As a countertop? You betcha! Aside from being flat out gorgeous, slate is non porous…so go ahead and spill your wine! Ever have a party where your guests bring hot food and marred the finish on your granite? No worries with slate! With our custom design, you dont have to worry about chipping the edges either! They are all covered inside the frame!

Now you can’t have a kitchen island without a pot rack right? This 30″ gourmet pot rack made by Rogar is perfect!

I love the clean lines! It finishes off this cart nicely!

We will be adding an industrial style floor brake to the island this week…because we also have three kids who would have a field day flying down the hallway with it! (I was going to say in their younger years, but who am I kidding? Even I want to take it for a spin!) 🤣🤣🤣

32″ wide x 62″ long x 35″ high


Available to view by appointment or during our “open events”

Farmhouse Cottage Style

Chippy White Farmhouse Wardrobe

When you find a perfect original chippy white cupboard you do not turn away! This is such an awesome original farmhouse storage solution. I can see it as a pantry cupboard in the kitchen, a beautiful wardrobe closet for storing linens, or in the entry way for coats and shoes?

After the initial drooling over this statement piece, you start noticing details like the 1920’s victorian bird and tulip bin pull on the drawer…

Then the ornate round door latch…

Finally you look inside and glory glory hallelujah look at that bare wood!

She’s rustic, she’s solid, she’s true vintage, and she is most CERTAINLY fabulous!