Hello!!!!  Looking back it has been awhile since we updated our blog so figured it would be a great opportunity to say hello to our fans and welcome to our newest followers!  We are Suzi & Sam aka Urban & Loft.  We are a husband & wife team with 3 kids, 2 Great Danes (Reuben can be visited at our shop) & we also have a cat.  😉    We thought we would focus today on some of our frequently asked questions:  One of the questions we get asked most often is “When are you open”?    The answer:  We are open the third Saturday of the month from 10-4.  Basically, if the Downtown Canton Flea is going on you will find Suzi there, and Sam is at our shop on 2nd St SE in the Canton Ohio Warehouse District in the old Power House.    Next question is “Why aren’t we open more often”.  The answer:  As a husband and wife team, we do not have any employees.  So, aside from a full time job that we must work around, we also need time through the month to find the unique antique items that we sell in our shop as well as have time to “create” our one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Do we buy?”  Short answer:  yes!  Long Answer:  We buy based on a particular “style” we have.  The item has to “speak” to us.  Our typical purchases are made out of what others may call a scrap pile.  🙂  Architecturally interesting pieces of steel from old machinery, factories or farm implements have made some of the most fascinating table and bench legs for the live edge wood slabs and old lumber we buy.    An old tractor hood became a unique tall table.  Jeep Grills have become wall art.  Basically, if you have an old barn full of stuff that hasn’t been touched in years, we can most likely find something we will want to buy out of it!  😉  While we have an appreciation for ALL things crafted well, we are bent more toward the unique, industrial, 20s/30s/40s era.

“Do we consign?”  Short answer: Yes!  Long Answer:  Again, we are very particular about what we consign in order to keep with the overall “feel” of the shop.

Feel free to email us:  urbanandloft@gmail.com or text us:  234-360-1480 if you think you have something we would be interested in–or if you have a question we haven’t covered in this post!  🙂


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