Urban & Loft — A Look Back at 2018 Creations

Oh my goodness!  A year has gone by already and we are still creating, still loving our space, and even better….still married!  HA!  Last night, as I was working on a new item for the shop, Sam asked me what I liked most from all the pieces we built last year….I mean, how do you answer that?  Its like asking what child you love the most!    Let’s take a look back….here are the benches:


Then there are so many custom creations and re-purposed goodies–here are just a few:
 I still cannot decide on a favorite piece we made!  I loved them all!  What I CAN “favorite” is the leap we took, the friends we made, the joy in completing these projects, and finally the “perfect fit” in SO many homes!  Thanks so much for all the support!  April 27th will be our opening day this year….new projects, new custom builds!  See you then!


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